Keeping Your Pool Clean

If you have a pool, chances are at one point; you have wished that your pool would perform a miracle and self-clean. Having a pool is a luxury, especially during the summer time. Nothing feels better than coming home after a long hard day at work, shedding off your clothes and jumping into the nice cold water, but what if the pool is dirty? You won’t stand by with a net scooping up debris because you want to cool off.

Getting the right pool cleaner for your pool is essential because not only does it help in keeping the water spick and span, but it’s also good for your health. Swimming in the water with a few leaves might be okay with you, but bacteria which are invisible to the naked eye, can be potentially harmful for you. Dust, dirt and germs are always around us, but with a perfect pool cleaner and some handy tips on how you can keep your pool clean, you can take a swim without worrying about your health.

Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaners from suppliers such as the Hayward, Kreepy Krauly or the Polaris models have been favorites in the pool industry for years. When you go to buy a pool cleaner, don’t just buy one which ‘looks’ like it’ll work. Know the dimensions, depth and details of your pool before making any purchase so that the cleaner doesn’t turn out to be too small or too big for the pool.

Pool cleaners are not just extravagant expenses and when you want a pool without the $100 a month cleaning service, you need the best you can get. With so many companies making high-quality pool cleaners at affordable prices, it’s best to make the right choice.

Pool Filters

Pool filters work like coffee filters. They trap the dirt and allow the water to pass through. A safe swimming pool needs an efficient filter system. When opting for a pool filter, know your brands and the size of the filtration system. Major filtration systems are available in sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth types, so if you know your pool details, you can get an effective system without worrying about whether it will work.

Pool Safety

Safety is obviously important for any swimming pool. Whether you have children or not, you still need to keep a clean and safe pool, not only because it will help you in the long run but also because a nice clean pool looks good. Having a clean pool means not worrying about germs, algae, or dirt etc, and pool cleaners and filters are specifically designed to keep the water sparkling while maintaining its safety standards.

Most pools have a heavy duty filter and cleaner installed which works periodically to keep the water clean at all times, and it can be really helpful if you don’t have the time to take out the cleaner itself. At the end of the day, you want to unwind and relax, and there is nothing more relaxing than wading into the crystal clear water of your private pool and feeling the comforting chill surround you and take away all your achiness.

Protecting Your Pet and Swimming Pool

When it comes to protecting your pet and swimming pool, there are many factors that can affect the water. The sanitation of your swimming pool can be easily affected, your pet can bring up several maintenance issues. The average dog brings in the same amount of contaminants as three humans. Dirt, body oil, Insects and so much more can be introduced to your swimming pool. In addition to this, your swimming pool may potentially transmit E Coli, Hepatitis A and Giardia to swimmers. With the increase of external particles, your pool’s ph levels will rise and FAC (free available chlorine) will be less available to combat bacteria. Although outbreaks rarely come from residential homes, bacteria can become extremely contagious once waterborne. Your pets are not the only risk to your swimming pool’s sanitation. Other swimmers and non disinfected water supplies can contaminate your swimming pool as well.

Most swimming pools are closed systems were the same water is filtered and when more bacteria are introduced, this increases the risk of disease. Large cartridge filters can prove to be an efficient and effective way of keeping your swimming pool maintained. If you ultimately decide to let your dog swim, make sure to rinse them after doing so as they can get the same skin irritations we get. Also ensure that your swimming pool is properly sanitized as your pet can get eye irritations from the lack of FAC in your pool as well. Take into consideration that your dog sheds enough hair when it is not in the pool. Choose the right filter as this is where most of the hair will either be properly disposed of or back washed. If you can keep your pets out of your swimming pool you will find it much easier to maintain.

I know if your dogs are like mine they will always want to jump in and swim with you. Sometimes a little extra work to keep your pool clean is worth it as my dogs and probably yours are part of the family.