Avoid Pumping Up Your Bill

A water pump is the primary mechanism that ensures your pool’s water is recirculating or in other words, water is being filtered and returned. Electricity usage can range anywhere between 500 to 2,000 watts in order to run 24 hours a day during the summer and 4 hours a day in the winter when the pool isn’t being used. To reduce electrical consumption during the summer, consider using an electronic timer and having the water pump run between 6 to 12 hours a day.  The recommended minimum use of a pool’s water pump is 4 hours.

A cost effective feature some water pumps have, is a two motor speeds option crucial for when the pump doesn’t have to run at full capacity. Variable-speed pumps are an additional pool maintenance product that can operate through a 24 day cycle at a low speed with minimal energy use and it helps filter smaller particles as well.

Two kinds of water pumps exist: self priming and flooded suction pumps. The difference between the two water pumps is that self priming pumps can be placed above the mean water level and start up after a timed resting period whereas a flooded suction pump relies on gravity since it is below the mean water level of the pool. Keep in mind that, in order to ensure your pool remains properly sanitized you’ll need more than just a water pump to filter and remove commonplace contaminants.

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