Preparing Your Pool for Summer

Without the proper knowledge on how to open a pool for the summer, you risk the health of both swimmers and your pool. Ensure that your pool is both properly operable and chemically safe. Never empty your pool even if you live in a cold climate, unless your pool hasn’t been covered and there are too many leaves under the swimming pool. Draining can bring up problematic situations, in which an empty pool won’t have the water necessary to hold down and prevent the pool from lifting. Not being cautious will make a complete pool replacement both necessary and costly.

While your cleaning up the baskets and starting up the filtration system, keep the cover on. Before running the filter, you may need to cleanse it and reassemble it. If your pool has a sand filter, backwash it and then leave it on the normal setting. Remove the cartridge filter as well and use a hose to rinse it. Taking a water sample to your local swimming pool store, will provide you with professional advice on what adjustments are needed in your alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels. Cleaning the filter is a daily task that has to be done, until the water is no longer cloudy and you can see the bottom floor of the swimming pool. After clearing up the water with the recommended amount of chlorine, you can remove the cover and have the pool vacuumed for any left over debris.

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