Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance

Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance is very important from removing dirt to replacing spa water or cleaning out the filter, knowing the basic steps to maintaining your spa is key. Using a mild non-abrasive cleaner and soft rag is an effective combination when it comes to cleaning your spa. Baking soda can also help clean small spots. Vinyl covers also need maintenance as well and this can be done with a hose and some mild soap or baking soda solution. Remember to always shower without soap before soaking in your hot tub, to prevent residue like detergent from entering your spa. Routine light cleaning each month is an effective means of managing your spa’s maintenance.

Cleaning the filter cartridges can help calcification and its tendency to clog up filtration systems. Make sure to use a hose to spray each cartridge to cleanse it of any debris and use a filter cleaner afterwards. It is good practice to get a replacement filter every three years as well. Overtime debris, dirt and residue will eventually build up and any kind of spa cleaning will keep the water clean for so long. Drain and refill the hot tub to keep your spa water fresh, but do so following the spa’s owners manual and its instructions.

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