What affects changes in water balance

Poolsupply4less Moorpark ,  CA 
 Knowing what triggers water imbalance will reduce your swimming pool surprises. 
 Balanced water chemistry is one of the five keys to successful pool care and sometimes the trickiest part of the whole routine. Knowing what things are the biggest influences will help clue you in on when to take action.The biggest influence is, of course, having people in the pool. Swimmers and their swimwear add things like lotions, sweat, detergents, oils, and other ingredients that challenge levels. Heavy use means it’s time to test and add.Second on the list is weather. Rain, wind and landscape treatments deliver unwanted elements to the water and can quickly throw things off. If Mother Nature or the lawn crew show up, it’s time to test and add.Lastly, other pool care products can throw off the balance. Even products used to treat water balance may change other parameters. For instance, raising alkalinity levels will also cause pH to rise.Planning for extra adjustments will keep you in clearer, better-feeling water. 

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