Getting the Right Pool Lights

When you get a new pool, there is nothing better taking your first swim under the glow of the moon at midnight. But the moon shouldn’t be your only source of light. Swimming in the sunlight would give you no problem, but with no lights, it will be a bit of problem when you step into the water in the dark.

Although many do have their pool lights installed accordingly, others prefer not to swim at night and save the cost. This can be a problem when you need to cool off and can’t, because you were stingy with the equipment you needed for the pool. Pool lights may be a bit more expensive than your usual pool accessories but you cannot deny their importance for your pool.

When buying lights for your pool, remember three important factors; color, shine and comfort. The color needs to be soft enough so it doesn’t make your pool look cheap. The shine needs to be clear enough so that the light doesn’t look like a floodlight, and when you put the light on, it shouldn’t hit your eyes in a harsh way but still provide you with a comfortable atmosphere. The comfort factor also incorporates how the light can be fixed and replaced.

Deciding on the right lights for your pool can be difficult so consider each option carefully. Different types of pool light fixtures are readily available in the market. Many prefer to use the affordable halogens for their swimming pool. Halogen lights are installed in above ground or in-ground pools. The reason why many people are fans of halogen lights is because of their versatility which means that they can work in any pool and are easy to replace.

Another popular lighting choice for a swimming pool is LED pool lights. LED has become very famous over the years because of its brightness, longer life and affordable cost. While halogens are the classic choice for a pool light, the LED pool lights are the popular one because they come in white and color changing models so you have a wide variety of choices. LED lights can be added to any pool type as well and if you want a bit of style, these LED lights can be used as floating lights for an above ground pool as well. Since LED lights consume only 20% energy, many people are now switching their pool lights to the option of LED pool lights.

However, if you want a pool which is an eye-catcher, you can also switch to fiber optic pool lights which may be expensive but can add personality to your pool. These lights are colorful and festive and if you want to have a party in your pool, fiber optic lights are the way to go. Fiber optic lights are the easiest to replace since they are usually placed above the pool in a dry box. All you need to do is open the box, change the bulb and you’re good to go.

Pool lights may be expensive, but their effects can be breath-taking. So whether you want to take a midnight swim or surprise your significant other with a romantic night, pool lights should not be neglected.

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